Roger K Burton

With 50 years’ experience collecting vintage street fashion, costume designer, stylist, author and former Leicester mod, he supplied much of the original mod clothing for the 1978 cult film Quadrophenia, before establishing the Contemporary Wardrobe Collection, to provide street fashion for TV and Film. He went on to dress literally hundreds of influential bands, from David Bowie to the Rolling Stones.

Based at the landmark Horse Hospital exhibition space in London, The Contemporary Wardrobe collection now contains some 20 thousand items and has become the definitive resource for youth culture clothing and design in the UK. Many of the best examples from his Mod collection will be on display at the New Walk Museum.

He sits on the jury board of BAFTA and co-founded the Fashion in Film Festival, has edited and contributed to countless books, magazines and fashion retails outlets all over the world, and curated numerous exhibitions and retrospectives on Pop, Punk, Mod and street culture.

Last year he wrote and published the critically acclaimed book Rebel Threads, Clothing of the Bad, Beautiful and Misunderstood – a prerequisite for all lovers of vintage clothing, collectors, fashion students, designers, costumiers and anyone fascinated by the history of street style.

In 1995 he created a highly successful Mod exhibition at the Shiseido Gallery in Tokyo, which included costumes from the film Quadrophenia. Roger is now bringing these costumes and a further selection of authentic Mod fashion to a Leicester audience – where it all started for him.