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Shaping A Generation

The Project

“My life really began to make sense when I became a Mod, it separated us from the civilians, the normal people…”

Stephane Raynor

Mods: Shaping a Generation is a unique project that celebrates the remarkable story of the stylish 1960’s youth sub-culture and the 40th anniversary of the release of the cult Mod film, Quadrophenia.

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Who were the Mods?

“If you weren’t a Mod, you were a Rocker. If you were neither of those, you were nothing…”

Polly Gray

Mod culture provided teenagers with a way out of the mundane lifestyle that their parents and older siblings had experienced. It provided them with an identity.

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“We’d move all over Nottingham, we wouldn’t just go to one place and stay there. The proximity didn’t seem to matter, we’d either get lifts on scooters or we did loads of walking.”

Ann Barry

A major exhibition about the Mod scene in Leicester and Nottingham opened at Leicester’s New Walk Museum and Art Gallery in April 2019.

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“We had a personal attitude of flamboyance, arrogance and superiority that defined our own individual expression.”

Bob Hughes

A series of talking heads short films by former Mods, a feature length documentary and some short films made by Soft Touch Arts make up this exciting film season.

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Revive Festival

Leicester’s very own 60s festival

The festival included films, music and fashion and will took place in venues and outdoor spaces across Leicester city centre.

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“We saw The Who play the Dungeon, when Pete Townshend smashed up his guitar, it’s quite amazing to know that we were a part of all that.”

Margaret Kerslake

Our collection of Mod imagery, submitted by the real faces of the Leicester and Nottingham scene, plus updated imagery from the Shaping A Generation project.


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“Mod was all about being creative and original – anything that was in fashion was out of fashion.”

John Knapp

The Mod scene made news – and Shaping A Generation is making headlines too.

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