'Modified' Music from the New College

Students at New College have written and recorded seven tracks inspired by the music of the 60’s that Mods were listening to. They cover a range of genres and all have a twist on them to bring them up to date. These are currently in post-production and will provide the soundtrack to the Modified exhibition at Soft Touch Arts.

A group of young people have been working at Soft Touch Arts creating items of clothing inspired by Mod fashion.  They are printing their own fabric for some of the items and also working on creating accessories.  

The group are also designing their space in the exhibition. 35 designs have been created by students at WQE College inspired by Mod Culture.  They looked at the design of the day and took aspects of this to inspire their own designs.


Students of Babington Academy are working on a film using inspiration from quotes taken from interviews with original Mods.  Filming is about to start on three linked short films.  The finished films will be screened in the Modified exhibition and also projected onto the outside of  Soft Touch Arts.

“This kind of quality music making experience is vital for the students at New College and the ‘Mods’ project offers an opportunity to contribute to the curriculum and build on the already established link with Soft Touch Arts in the school. It will bring art and collaboration with other schools and other people into the students’ experience.”

Francis Matthews 
Head of Performing Arts, New College



The exhibition has been titled Modified:

Young people create fashion, design, music, film inspired by 1960’s Mod Culture.