Remembering Leicester’s 1960s’ Creative Scene

“In Leicester in the swinging sixties times were changing. New freedoms and opportunities enabled young people to forge a cultural revolution – and an explosion of working class creative talent began to emerge from the Midlands. It was the rise of the underdog.

When my dad passed away, I discovered some tapes in the attic. Early into the millennium, he’d recorded his memories from the sixties. I’d always been amazed that many of Dad’s teenage friends and contemporaries went on to do brilliant things. And I wanted to know why.

This is the untold story of Leicester’s creative scene, which shines a light on some of those faces who weren’t in the limelight, but ‘moving in the shadows.’”

Joe Nixon

‘Moving in the shadows’ is a 100 minute documentary which features Leicester’s vibrant 1960s Mod scene and showcases the 2019 Mod exhibition. It is written & directed by Joe Nixon, in association with Soft Touch Arts & Arch Creative, with all proceeds split between two charities, Soft Touch Arts & BrightSparks Arts in Mental Health.

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“I never had a scooter in fact, I don’t think I can remember seeing a black guy on a scooter, we were all into cars. Black guys don’t believe in two wheels unless it’s a pushbike…”

Victor Carrott