Leicester is Happening

Over three weekends in June (15th – 30th 2019), Leicester went back to the sixties. With vintage fairs, live sixties music and events, vinyl records, street food, family fun and more scooters than the set of Quadrophenia, the whole of Leicester turned Mod!

The REVIVE Festival brought the past to life, celebrating sub-cultures, bringing the sights and sounds of bygone eras to the streets of Leicester. In 2019, our focus was on the Mod movement and the 1960s. In the years to come, we’re planning on exploring different counter-cultures in order to preserve the rich, cultural heritage of the UK and the global communities that are linked to our towns.

The festival snowballed with huge local interest, resulting in many cultural organisations and businesses coming together to create REVIVE. The exhibition, film and associated REVIVE events gained national press interest, listed as a ‘2019 must see’ by ArtFund magazine. The festival and exhibition helped to bring 1.75M into the local economy and won a tourism award for best free event.

The programme of activity included a photographic exhibition Mods 19 : 64, featuring black and white images of former Mods then and now, with words by Shaun Knapp. See video below.

Keep an eye for the upcoming Revive Festivals.

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